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What’s the Connection: White Supremacy and Diet Culture

I believe it is important to understand the connection between diet culture and white supremacy because I hope it stirs something up within you, that the hierarchical structure (white men being at the top) of our society is wrong and something needs to change. We must be the change. In order to make change happen, we must let go of dieting and spend our energy and time focused on ways to fight against diet culture, which in turn means fighting against white supremacy and the ways in which it oppresses all of us. This is ultimately for the collective, not just for your individual recovery from dieting, disordered eating, or an eating disorder. If we want to achieve individual recovery from disordered eating, we must also fight for this for the most marginalized of bodies and identities. 

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What is Diet Culture?

“Diet Culture” is a term that Melissa and I use all the time and we realized it may be a confusing term for many of you. Diet culture is also all around us, which means it probably impacts your life on a daily basis, possibly without you even realizing it. I want to explain what we mean when we talk about diet culture. 

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