The Five Things YOU Need to Know About Omni Counseling & Nutrition

When Melissa and I started talking about joining forces to create a one stop shop in Denver for all things weight inclusive, fat positive, anti-diet, and pro eating disorder recovery, we wanted our name to represent the fact that we are both counselors and dietitians and that our mission is to work to address the whole person, not only mental or nutrition and physical health, but both of these collectively.

We sifted through what felt like hundreds and hundreds of words in order to find the perfect word that described us in a nutshell, and also sounded good and looked good in design. After countless emails and conversations related to finding this word, we embraced Omni

Omni is Latin for “all” or “without limits.” We think this word beautifully captures what it is we are trying to create here at Omni - here are five ways that it does just that! 

1.    We love that the word Omni speaks to our mission to strive towards Whole Person Nourishment. We are passionate about treating the whole person (allof you) not just focusing in on one specific area such as only your relationship with food, or just your relationship with your feelings, or simply your relationship with your body. We want you to have the opportunity to address all of these areas in one place with one clinician. When we use the phrase Whole Person Nourishment, what we are referring to is caring for all aspects of your health and taking action steps towards that goal. A good question to ask yourself is – if I eat this _______, or engage in this ____________ movement, do I feel nourished as a result in my mind, body, and spirit?

2.    We also love that Omni references our value and mission of being inclusive therapists who are passionate about embracing and empowering each part of you, regardless of your size, weight, shape, skin color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, gender identity, ability, etc. We embrace everyone and welcome YOU! 

3.    We are also passionate about helping you become the best version of YOU that exists. “Without limits” is one way you could describe our approach to walking with you on your journey. We believe you are capable of healing without limits and finding peace and joy within yourself. We are here to walk with you on this journey and to provide hope and connection as you discover what the best version of you looks like!  

4.    We are intuitive eaters and believe wholeheartedly that ALL FOODS FIT. The idea that all foods fit is a message and belief that goes directly against our cultural narrative, but we have found this to be the only way to approach food if whole person nourishment is the end goal. We will walk with you on your journey to find freedom and peace in your relationship with food, while learning to incorporate and give yourself permission to eat ALL foods. 

5.    We believe that ALL emotions and feelings matter and are quite possibly the MOST important part in your path to freedom in your relationship with your body and with food. We want to provide a space where you can learn more about your feelings and ways to cope with them that do not involve food, or exercise, or any other means of coping that may be interfering with your day-to-day life. Stay tuned – because we actually have more to come on feeling your feelings in a future blog post. 

So as you can see we are passionate about walking with you on your journey towards whole person nourishment. We want you, ALL of you – mind, body, spirit - to feel free in your body and in your relationship with food, without limits!