Five Things To Do After You Binge On Valentine's Day Chocolate

If you binged on all your Valentine’s Day candy this weekend you are not alone. Research shows that 90% of people eat the entire box of candy in one sitting.  Research also shows that I made that statistic up. If you are beating yourself up, from your binging… continue reading!

Shaming yourself from binging on large amounts of food is the worst thing you can do for yourself. Here are facts: you have already binged and you can not go back to an hour before you did this. So what do you do now?

#1 Stop shaming yourself  Beating yourself up for binging does nothing to help you feel better; in fact it makes you feel worse and shameful about your behavior, which will eventually lead to more binging!

#2 Ask yourself what you’re feeling What is going on in your life that caused you to reach for handful after handful of chocolate? Are you feeling sorry for yourself because you’re single? Did you get in a fight with your partner? Most likely, the food is not the real problem here.

#3 Do something different If you sitting alone and feeling sorry for yourself, this will not help you feel better about yourself. Call up a trusted friend and talk about what’s really going on. Or better yet, ask that friend to come over, or offer to meet her for a movie. Sitting alone feeling bad about yourself will only make things worse.

#4 When you realize the reason you binged in the first place, ask yourself what can be done about this  Maybe you don’t want to be alone anymore and you need to join a dating site. Maybe you and your partner need couples counseling. Or maybe sitting with your feelings is all you need in this moment.

#5 Do something nice for yourself Give yourself permission to treat yourself. The reason you binged is that you are craving comfort. So try to find comfort in something other than food. Take a bath, put on music and dance, heck, maybe you’re just tired and you need a nap! So be nice to yourself and do something that makes you feel good.

Binging on Valentines Day candy does not have to ruin your day. The candy was meant to make you feel good. So do that and move on! Shaming yourself will keep your feet from moving to a better place.

Melissa PrestonComment