Q. What are your fees? 

A.  Melissa Preston: $150 per 50 minute session, and $230 for initial 80 minute sessions.

Corrie Van horne and Abbey Gesing: $120 per 50 minute session, and $180 for initial 80 minute sessions. 

Melissa Knudson: $130 per 50 minute session and $195 for initial 80 minute sessions.

You can pay via cash, check, or credit card. All major credit cards are accepted. Alternatively, you may choose to use a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flex Spending Account (FSA) to pay for services.


Q. Do you take insurance?

A. We run a boutique style private counseling practice. This means that we work for you not the insurance company. If you choose to use your insurance for counseling reimbursement we are an “out of network” provider for your insurance. We choose to not bill insurance directly for several reasons; however, many insurance companies will reimburse between 50-80% of the fees. Please check with your insurance provider for specific details of your coverage. We can provide you with an invoice to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.


Q. do you use therapy and nutrition in every session?

A. Melissa Preston and Corrie do. We have dual degrees in both counseling psychology and nutrition. We believe that in order to truly recover from an eating disorder you need both the physical and emotional part of it to be addressed. Since we have advanced degrees and training in both of these areas, the lens through which we work with you will involve both. The physical and emotional side of disordered eating is so entangled and we see not only faster improvement, but less frustration on the part of the client when using both of these at the same time. You will not need to 'save' your food issues that come up during therapy for your dietitian appointment, or delay your emotional processing of anxiety around weight gain for your therapist. We do it all at once. In short, we're the Target for eating disorders.

However, if you are currently  already seeing a therapist or a dietitian we are happy to work along side your team operating as either your therapist or dietitian. We understand that having a treatment team that you have built trust with is the most important part of recovery.


Q. I have dieted my entire life and I weigh more now than i ever have. i feel like i

can not control myself around food and have no idea what "normal" eating is.

A. One of our specialties is helping people recover from chronic dieting. We will help you regain a normal relationship with food so that food can be something you enjoy again, rather than fear and feel uncontrollable around. Additionally, we will work on your relationship with your body so that you can feel confident about your body and yourself as a person.


Q. I have been told i have an eating disorder and need someone that specializes

in this. is this you?

A. Our training and experience is working with people with moderate to severe eating disorders. We both have experience working at different levels of treatment and know how to do this. If you have an eating disorder it may feel like nobody can help you, but we believe full recovery is possible for everyone.


Q. I don't think i have an eating disorder but i hate my body. i constantly obsess

over my size and shape and don't think i can ever feel better about my

appearance. can you help?

A. Yes we can. We will work with you on your relationship with your body. We understand how difficult it is to be okay with your body in a society that tells us constantly that we should be small to be feel worthy. We have also been through our own struggle and recovery with our relationship with our body so we understand first-hand how it feels to hate yourself. This is a reality that nobody should live with, and we will help you feel better in your skin.

have a question we haven't answered here? please contact us to ask!